Helicopters & Ground Support

NH90: The newest helicopter to emerge from NH Industries, the NH90 is a multi-purpose medium transport helicopter. Primary used for maritime operations, the NH90 has been designed to operate from vessels to deliver troops or conduct search and rescue missions.

CH-47 Chinook: The CH-47 is a tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter deployed to deliver troops, artillery pieces, light armoured vehicles and general cargo to the battlefield. One of the heaviest and successful transport helicopters, it is widely deployed and expected to remain in service beyond 2060.

AH-64: Developed from the ground up as a pure attack helicopter, the AH-64 proved exceptionally well suited to the tasks at hand. Armed with both cannon and missiles, the aircraft is mostly deployed in an anti-armour and close air support role.

S-61 Sea King: The first amphibious helicopter in the world, the S-61 featured various technological breakthroughs when it was introduced in the 1960’s. Though it has been replaced by newer models in the US Navy, it remains in use with various other nations around the world.

SH-14 Lynx: An agile and fast helicopter, the SH-14 proved high adaptable and performs a variety of roles for their respective operators: anti-armour, search and rescue and anti-submarine warfare. Despite being an older design, new variants are still being developed and put into service.

AS532U2 Cougar: Designed by Eurocopter, the AS532U2 is deployed foremost as a transport helicopter ferrying troop and cargo to their destination. The helicopter is also suitable for firefighting duties, equipped with Bambi Bucket waterbags to deliver a concentrated column of water on wildfires.

EH/AW101: Designed as a modern naval helicopter, the multi-purpose EH/AW101 has replaced several older types (such as the S61) in the transport, anti-submarine and search-and-rescue roles. The helicopter features a third engine (as opposed to the more common 2 engine layout), improving performance in both speed and lift.

SH-60 Sea Hawk: The SH-60 is a maritime adaption of the UH-60 black hawk helicopter, capable of operating from ships to handle a variety of tasks. The ability to carry a variety of weapons such as Hellfire missiles and torpedoes allow this helicopter to engage in anti-submarine warfare, next to traditional roles such as cargo transport and search-and-rescue.


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