Aircraft & ground support

F-35 Lightning II: The second fifth-generation stealth aircraft put into service by the US Air Force and its allies, the F-35 has been designed for both ground attack and air defence operations. The project from the start has been set up as a collaborative effort, with various nations participating in the development process.

C-130 Hercules: Introduced in the 1950’s, the C-130 has proved itself a high adaptable medium transport aircraft and is currently fielded by more than 60 nations. One of its notable features, the 4 turbo-prop engines, give the C-130 excellent take-off capabilities and fuel economy. The aircraft is expected to remain in production well into the century.

F-16 Fighting Falcon: Built in larger numbers than any other modern western fighter jet, the F-16 is a mainstay of the US Air Force and allied nations around the world. Fast, agile and slightly aerodynamically unstable, the F-16 was the first aircraft designed to be flown solely by fly-by-wire, where computers control the control surfaces of the aircraft, thereby automatically keeping the aircraft stable.

F/A-18 Hornet: A twin-engine fighter designed ground attack, air interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance, the F/A-18 was primarily designed to operate on aircraft carriers in support of naval operations. The aircraft has proven equally adapt as a land-based fighter, and has been exported to several nations.

PC-7: The PC-7 is a prop-driven training aircraft with tandem controls. Developed in Switzerland, it is now deployed as a basic training aircraft and light attack aircraft with various nations. As a trainer, it serves to familiarise pilots with aircraft flight controls prior to moving on to jet-powered aircraft.

P-3 Orion: A turboprop-driven anti-submarine and surveillance aircraft introduced in the early 1960’s, the P3 is among a handful of aircraft that have been in continuous use for more than 50 years. With its distinctive tail boom housing various electronic sensors, the aircraft continues to fulfil its role in tracking submarines and conduction maritime patrol missions.

Bombardier Challenger series / Dassault Falcon series: Adapted from civilian business jets, these aircraft have been modified for a variety of roles, including VIP transport, search-and-rescue, command and control and maritime patrol.


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