Below is an overview of the product categories that are part of our regular scope of supply. For an overview of the various manufacturer’s we support, please view our line cards here . For parts outside our immediate scope of supply we offer in-depth sourcing services. Please contact us with any requirement you may have.

Aircraft Fasteners

Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, shims, pins, rivets, inserts, panel fasteners etc.

Automotive and armored vehicle parts

Insulation, hoses, clamps, armor plating, switches, mounts, pulleys, housing assemblies, seat cushions, steerling gears, tires


Flight instruments, night vision equipment

Bearings and bushings

Ball bearings, tapered bearings, roller bearings, full range of bushings

Communication systems

Headseats, microphones, switches, adapters, cable assemblies


Tapes, thread, lacing tape, locking wire, chemicals

Crew support

Pilot jackets, coveralls, helmets, visors, gauntlets, balaclavas, gloves, respiration devices and accessories


Connectors, electrical wire, resistors, capacitors, diodes, relays, circuit breakers, switches, sleeving, boots, etc.

Engine parts

Tubing, hardware, exciters, igniters, vibrators, nozzles, cable assemblies


Detection and extinguishing

Ground Support Equipment and Tooling

Hoists, stands, pullers, wrenches, gages, benders, tripods, jacks, electrical (insert/removal tools, crimp tools, dies), test sets

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Hose and hose assemblies, fittings, nipples, clamps, filters, manifolds, valves, pressure switches

Landing gear parts

Parts and assemblies, tires


Joysticks, transducers, sensors

RF and Microwave products

Multipliers, amplifiers, waveguides, filters, limiters, oscillators, synthesizers, adapters


O-rings, seals, retaining rings, felts, scrapers

Structural parts, panels and covers

Brackets, ducts, tubes, fairings, supports, floor coverings, windshields, window panels


Webbing, straps, cloth, cord, technical textiles, swaps & cleaning cloths